I Spot Rewards For Non Profits

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Xtreme Free Marketing and the I Spot Rewards fundraising program is the future of where fundraising is headed today. With consumers giving less, business owners tapped out, non-profits struggling, and fraud rampant around the world, There simply must be a change in the way we raise money that produces a win-win-win- scenario for all three entities while providing accountability and transparency at the same time. The program works when merchants provides a portion of a purchase to a specific non-profit organization for the purposes of recording a donation back to that non-profit organization after every sale. Non-profit members simply need to present their member ID at checkout to get credit for their charitable organization, plus earn valuable cash back rewards for themselves. Most merchants donate back a significant amount, between 5% and 10%, on average, that can add up fast to fund local non-profits.

There are extensive benefits for the consumer member, the charity or non profit and the local business. Visit us at Xtreme Free Marketing or I Spot Rewards to learn more.


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